Cube Runner

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  • Help your ninja warrior to escape from bad pursuers. Follow each instruction in the game to jump well each obstacles that encounter in your way. To make you stronger collect all gold bars.
  • Control the man who runs away and help to jump from one building to another. In your way try to collect all the books you find. They will help you turn into one of the legendary characters such as wolf.
  • The curious boy finds a book of darkness and open it. It takes a dramatic turn, passes into the underworld to save his girlfriend from the clutches of monsters aided by the book and the little creature.
  • Now you run through the maze full of monsters and perform various missions. The game is as real as the movie. First you have to explore the maze to create a map of it.
  • Run as fast this dinosaur, extinction follows him quickly. No time to think, just run and jump over obstacles in time. It's a retro game that you can handle from keyboard.
  • Run 1 is a space game running. Although the characters seem to be coming from the stone age. All you have to do is to run through a maze of holes, you have to go around them or jump.
  • Run 2 comes with an interesting new route full of obstacles you need to pass it well. This game will take you further away than by more complex mazes. Put your mind to it to move as quickly.
  • This is a very simple game of skill. All you have to do is sneak as fast among cubes that come your way. The game is quite old and its quality is lacking. But if you're bored, it can get you out of the monotony.
  • Run as fast as you can to escape the giant wave coming in towards you. On your way you will meet great obstacles you need to jump. You must perform simple jumps and double.
  • The new evolution of the game in terms of graphics is acceptable, you have the option to choose between two characters, female and male. Who played the first version of this game will know.
  • Flood Runner 3 Armageddon as they call it, comes to meet us with a new character that will make the game more interesting. You will have to make various missions to accomplish several tasks.
  • For a more enjoyable experience use the mouse to play. Dinosaurs chasing you fast, so you have to be alert, to stay in motion. Do not stop running, whatever you do do not stop, go fast and fast!

About Cube Runner

Cube Runner is in reality a simply 3D racing flash game. We manage a small prism flying through a field of cubes. Cubes randomly appear in the horizon, as prism moves forward through the field. Your goal is to advance as much as possible dodging cubes, because when you hit a block, the game will probably be over, and should restart the really starting. At first cubes seem chaotic order, they way a figure and after its passage to go to the next step. Increased speed also since it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid collisions with cubes. The color scheme also changes, while pass for subsequent section. Scores are counted in the upper left corner, but probably you are going to undoubtedly not have time to show them throughout the game.

Cube Runner controls are often more than very simple: left, also the corresponding arrow keys to dodge left or right probably. It takes time to master them. The graphics are simple, however, because of cheerful bright colors. The cool thing is that the whole area left weak and ideally whenever prism move. It is a truly fantastic effect that adds something special to this rather a simple game. It really is sad, but Cube Runner has no music, no sound effects like run 1 game. Where should to pause the game, though the game, you could do by pressing P important. Having said that be warned that after we hit P once play restarts without warning. You will be able to change the best quality, if you are interested in just pressing the Q key.

In addition, Cube Runner is however quite addictive simple small game. Once you hit a box you must start over gain, you will want to show that are better then that and start playing again. Thus, press the button to start a new round. The game calls for hand-eye coordination and response in order to have success. And so will make it easier not only to kill individual boredom and helps train your response. It takes time to discover and control to start the game, which tends to be an ideal game to kill a lot of minutes break. Meanwhile, as a more factor, the game is free.

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